Hickory Hills Rabbitry

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Hickory Hills Rabbitry

Welcome to our rabbitry!    ARBA#X164

We specialize in breeding quality pedigree Mini Rex and Jersey Wooly rabbits. My daughter Rachel has just recently decided to show and raise Mini Rexes, so we are new to the breed, and very excited about their addition to our rabbitry. We recently decided to stop breeding English Spots at our rabbitry. In Jersey Woolys we have blues, smoke pearls, REWs, and black. We also have siamese sable Jersey Woolys as well as REWs. We do not ship, however, we will meet within a reasonable distance.  Our little Jersey Moravia won Best of Show at the Dickson show July 3rd-we are very proud of her! She is now queen of the rabbitry!

I have been raising, breeding, and showing pedigree rabbits for four years now, and it is truly a rewarding experience. From helping to bring those new little babies into the world to discovering what they will become, to showing them as the proud owner, I feel truly blessed by my bunnies. I am a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, the National Lionhead Club, and  the National Jersey Wooly Club. Jersies are my latest passion, as they are compact and very sweet. Rachel has recently joined 4-H, and the National Mini Rex Club. She is also a member of the National English Spot Club, and I have become an officer of the Southern Spot Society.

This is Hickory's Azure, a Jersey Wooly Blue doe.


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Hickory Hills Rabbitry, Old Hickory, TN 37138, 615-481-2973