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Hickory Hills Rabbitry

Jersey Woolys

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This doe is out of Gunfighter's Heir and Gunsmoke.

Jersey Woolys
Jersey Wooly Bucks:
 REW Sr. Buck-$20.00
 Black Sr. Doe-$20.00
REW Sr. Doe-$20.00
The does are both great brood does, but not great show does. The REW is a better show doe, she has a great coat. The REW buck is showable, and has an acceptable coat, pretty good body. Will take $50.00 for the trio.
Three black senior does: One grand champion, one with two legs. $20.00 each, or $50.00 for the trio.


Alakai, my lionhead buck

This is one of our new Jersey Woolys.

I am still taking pictures to put on this page: next up: Lionheads!

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