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Hickory Hills Rabbitry

Rabbit Care-Please Read Carefully

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For Rabbits Under 3 Months of Age:
It is important to remember that you are taking the baby rabbit from its mother for the first time, and from the enironment in which it was raised. Domestic rabbits can be very delicate, especially the smaller breeds, so it is imperative that the new owner does not improperly feed or handle it at this stage, or, quite frankly, it will die.
I recommend feeding them Purina Rabbit Feed, which now can be found at any Tractor Supply store. This is what I feed, and a change in feed can disrupt a young rabbit's digestion. A young rabbit can handle hay, but not too much, as it can cause runny stools, which can cause death. By the way, rabbits cannot vomit, so if it eats something disagreeable, it will die. NEVER FEED YOUR ADULT OR YOUNG RABBIT LETTUCE! This causes runny stools, which causes dehydration, which results in death.

Adult Rabbits:
Adult rabbits can be introduced to a more varied diet. They can eat carrots, of course, apples, pears. I often give them the leftovers, core and all, to an apple or pear, and they go nuts! You can start giving them these things between three and six months of age. As for maintenance, it's easy. Keep their cage clean, feed and water them daily, and occasionally trim their toenails. If it is a "wooly" rabbit, such as an angora, jersey wooly, or lionhead, they will need brushing on a regular basis.
Rabbits can be very affectionate, fun pets, as long as you give them everything they need in return. However, I do not recommend letting them roam the house, as they loooove to chew things-furniture, cords, get the picture? Good luck with your bunny, and I hope this has helped answer some of your questions about rabbit care.

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